Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Kiley Bug-3 Months

I love my baby! What a happy little girl! She totally entertained my idea of hot pink pettiskirt with zebra for me! I saw this bench and bought it for the sole purpose of using it for pictures...then I returned it. I love how these turned out! And she even went to sleep on the bench for me! 3 months old now, has been sleeping 10-7 since she was 7 weeks. That right there is a blessing! Just having sleep allows me a clear head to function!
She is so close to rolling over, she blows rasberries back at you and smiles for everyone! Such a friendly , sweet thing!


Dixie Mom said...

She is definitely gooshable!

Her profile reminds me so much of Darcy.

Frosty said...

Truly beautiful pictures! Love the pink & zebra!

Shauna said...

seriously...she is absolutly beautiful. she is an angel