Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Testimony of Tithing

I joined the LDS church right after I was married. We are required to pay 10% of our income in tithing to the church. This is to give back to the lord for the blessings we have received. Seems easy enough, but in the beginning, when you are only making 25k between us and I was in school fulltime, it was tough to pay that money every month. But I learned quickly the lesson that paying it and having faith meant that the lord would provide for us. This was probably the first lesson I learned when I became a member because the lord blessed us immediately to show us we were doing right. Every month when I thought we would not have enough money, we would end up having enough.

Fast forward through some tithing lessons to this summer. This is the summer that budget cuts by the state of missouri, cut into my job and my pay was cut by 75% starting in September. Having a baby this summer added more expense, and I was a little nervous, BUT all summer long I kept feeling like we would be fine. Everything would work out. I never doubted. (okay maybe once in awhile, I wondered). The exact same day I was sitting in a meeting getting told what our pay would really be, Josh called and left a message about a talk he had with his boss about some upcoming promotions. As soon as I listened to the message, tears welled up in my eyes because I knew our Heavenly Father was going to provide for us. We were being obedient to the commandments and working to do our best.
Well, here came september and Josh had not received a raise yet and I just received my last Full paycheck. Oh man. The strings had been cut. I felt like we were just floating away waiting for someone to pull us back in. This week Josh was told of his promotion and raise that he would be receiving...When you break it down monthly, it almost exactly makes up for the pay that I lost.
Now I know we didn't win the lottery, but I know that my prayers were answered and that we can continue to provide for our children the way we would like to. I know that if we are obedient to our heavenly father, we will be richly blessed. I have seen these blessings with my own eyes, daily.
My mom told me one day , "you just seem to want something, and it happens! You must be living right!" We are trying our best to follow Jesus Christ and to be obedient.

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Dixie Mom said...

You're so right! It's a great testimony and faith builder. Good job!