Monday, May 16, 2011

First Triathlon

Since May 2010, As I was 9 months pregnant with my third baby, I set a goal. This time next summer, I WILL do a triathlon.
May 7,2011...My FIRST Sprint triathlon, Leavenworth,KS
30 lbs lighter now, I have followed my training schedule and despite having a bad flu 2 weeks prior to the race, I feel ready. 200m swim, 12.6 m bike and 3.1m run... Bring it!
At this point I have made it TO the race and managed to set up my transition area. That's a good first step right?

All the preparation, research, workouts, equipment buying, worrying, obsessing as my hubby may call it...I call it being mentally prepared! We have a pre-tri meeting and the nerves keep building. I've been talking and meeting people and gone to the bathroom 3 times...let's keep it real, so did everyone else!

They call the first people to start lining up by number to enter the pool. I'm #131, I've got awhile. They started and withing 2.5 minutes, #1 was out of the pool! I don't have awhile! I might throw up any minute...

I made it into the pool...Just remember to breathe! That's all that's important. Save your energy is what I kept telling myself. The swim was SO fast! I did it in 4:22. This includes hauling your butt out of the water and running out of the gym and crossing the timing mat. YES! I beat my first goal...I'm 1/3 of the way done!

Next up, the bike. Transitoned in 1:53. I Learned to COMPLETELY dry my feet before putting on socks and shoes. (although I could have been like guy #1 and carried my bike out of the transition zone barefoot! His shoes were clipped in his pedals already!) And put your gloves on after you get on the bike and going. Could have saved time there. Now this was a fairly hilly course and I knew this going in. I trained for it well. Although I got to the first big hill and asked myself " is this the worst hill?" No, there were a few of those. The uphill 1.25 mile caused me to do some praying to get up that hill! I finally made it all the way through! It was a very beautiful ride and peaceful. Lots of thinking when you don't get to wear headphones!

Now came the hardest part...NOTHING prepared me for how numb my feet would be after the bike and into the first mile of the run. I almost cried because I COULDN'T feel my darn feet! The whole first mile! After that they finally realized that we were running now, and my strength came back.

At points during the race when I started to doubt myself, I replace the thoughts with positives and thought of my brother who had the most strength even when he was weak. I thought of my children and husband whom I want to be proud of their strong mommy. I want to be a great example for them. These great thoughts got me through the run with a smile!

"Thank goodness I can see that finish line..."
Almost there! Rounding that last corner! Thank goodness!
My darling and sweet and Handsome husband at the finish line with me. Thanks for supporting me the whole way through honey!
My best friend and cheerleader, Shauna!!
I DID IT! What an amazing experience! It's amazing what you can Will your body and mind to do!


Sam Ransom said...

Wow! Wow! Wow! Love this! And girl you look killer good by the way! I know that this will inspire your kids and those around you. Who knows maybe I'll try one next year!

Frosty said...

Love these pictures! So stinkin' proud of you Amber!! The first of MANY tris I'm sure.

Tootie said...

You are amazing! You look like your remaining weight is all muscle.