Monday, January 9, 2012

Been awhile...

Gosh it's been awhile...Guess I'm kinda behind! Is it coincidence that I stopped blogging about the same time I got my primary president calling!? Life's been busy! But I am so blessed!

So Recap...

June- We had a great time in San Diego at La Jolla Beach for a week. We did Sea World, Lego Land and had some great family time just exploring!

July/August- Lake time, fishing, camping, swimming and just enjoying our summer! Completed my 2nd triathlon at Smithville Lake and felt like a rock star! It rained and was a chili start but felt great and finished great!

September- back to school. Can't believe Darcy is in 2nd grade! Zach is in preschool 3 afternoons a week, and I am busy being the mom of 3! Darcy is in Competitive soccer this year and loving it! Zach too loves playing soccer with his buddy Jack. And I am the real, live soccer mom with the mini-van. Love it! Also finished my 3rd triathlon!

October- Ran a HALF MARATHON! Gotta say that was never on my list of things to do, but felt very proud of myself and realized you can do what you will yourself to do! 2:04:50 was my time!

November- We had our primary program and it was very successful!

December- The holidays have snuck up quickly! Still no snow (yeah!) although kids would love snow, I'm enjoying the warm winter thus far! We celebrated our christmas by adopting 3 children to buy presents for. The kids like picking them out and hopefully learned how blessed we really are!

So there it is, the quickest shakedown of 6 months, but it's documented for our books and hopefully I will stay on top of things now!

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